regarding multiple emulators

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regarding multiple emulators

Post by confused1988 » Tue May 15, 2018 2:19 am

How does this work with multiple emulators? If I use the same one for the same account does it charge me 6 hours everytime I log on to the same emulator. What about if I use multiple? Does it take 6 hours off my time for every time i log into the 2nd emulator or is it a 1 time thing?
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Re: regarding multiple emulators

Post by pyrusane » Tue May 15, 2018 4:34 am

it does not charge you each time you log in on the same emulator, even if you switch accounts on supercard. It DOES charge you every time you switch emulators. I used to run two supercard accounts, and would frequently switch between them on my emulator. Never lost any time. I got tired of switching them all the time or prioritizing one over the other so I created a second instance of Nox for the second account. If I logged in on Nox 1 first, then logged in on Nox 2, I lost six hours, when I logged back in on Nox 1 i lost six more hours, and so forth. Heres an important note...that doesn't just mean launching the emulator. Say you are running it on nox 1 and nox 2, and you logged in on Nox 2 last. You need to stop it for a minute on Nox 1 because you want to change out a card in your wild deck. When you hit play again you lost six hours. Now if you stopped nox 1 again because you needed to put another card in you would not lose six hours when you hit play again, but if you then stopped Nox 2 to change out cards and hit play again you lost another six hours. I did that for one key, went through a 30 day key in 14 days. After that I started buying two keys each month and using one on each account. Did that until the update in January when they made a change to Supercard that made the bot stop working on KOPlayer. Nox had too many timeout issues running two at once so I dropped the second account.

Hope that helps.
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